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Damien Barling: The Lull to Wrestlemania

Hang in there guys, we’re almost there.

December is a notoriously slow month in the world of WWE. Its stuck between the Survivor Series in November and the Royal Rumble in January. Survivor Series has always been considered one of the big PPVs, mainly because it was one of the originals. Royal Rumble marks the offical begining of The Road to Wrestlemania. So, what do you do in December?

In the pre-Network era you’d get some sort of cleverly titled show with a main event that either furthered a storyline (The Rock vs Mankind at Rock Bottom in 1998) or was completely meaningless (Shawn Michaels vs Ken Shamrock at D-Generation X in 1997). Either way, you’re probably walking away with little memory of the event.

There are exceptions- Stephanie’s heel turn happened at Armagedon in 1999. Edge cashed in the first Money in the Bank contract at New Years Revolution. Overall however, its forgetable.

Now in the Network era, WWE can take a “Lets just get to the Rumble” approach. Clash of The Champions, their 2017 December offering, seems like its heading in the direction of holdover and forgetable. AJ Styles will defend his WWE Championship against Jinder Mahal, I assume, for the last time. AJ should hold this title until Wrestlemania. He should wrestle Nakamura. In the main event. When I saw main event, I mean the last match! I don’t know that WWE could put on a better main event than that.

(Yes, I know, the likely last match will be Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns in The Ultimate Challenge II)

Either way, lets all join hands and get through this together. Television won’t be the most enjoyable but we’re headed towards the most exciting time of the year!

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