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Damien Barling: Top 5 Raw Moment #4 – YES! YES! YES!

With Raw celebrating their 25th anniversary on Jan 22 I thought it’d be fun to countdown MY Top 5 moments of all time. Again, these are my favorite moments. Not a fan vote. Not a WWE list. Those lists all wind up the same; the DX Invasion, Stone Cold stuns McMahon, blah blah blah. Those moments are classics but they’ve been replayed so much they’ve lost some of their luster. These are moments that have always stood at to me. Whether it was the crowd reaction, an incredible promo, or a surprise return leading into January 22 I’m going to countdown my Top 5 Raw moments of all time. Here’s number 4…


Other than Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania X7, turning Daniel Bryan heel at the end of 2013 was perhaps the most out of touch, against the grain act, the WWE has tried to pull off. Bryan was, by far, the most over superstar on the WWE roster. He had captivated crowds with his “YES” chant. A chant that was taken, and adopted, by sports teams and fans in arenas around the country. WWE had plans at Wrestlemania 30 that did not at all involve Daniel Bryan. It was all about Batista and Randy Orton. As absurd as it sounds, that was the plan. None wanted that. Literally. No one! Batista was crapped on after winning the Royal Rumble simply because he wasn’t Bryan. So to bury Bryan and make it clear he wasn’t in the big picture, WWE had Bryan turn heel and join the Wyatt Family (when the Wyatt Family was scary and still mattered). The crowd refused to buy it. They cheered Bryan and booed Wyatt. It lasted two weeks. As I’ll advised as it was, it brought us this amazing moment when Bryan excited the family and continued on the most unlikely journey to the main event at Wrestlemania ever.

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