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Damien Barling: Top Raw Moment #5 – HBK’s Return To Montreal

With Raw celebrating their 25th anniversary on Jan 22 I thought it’d be fun to countdown MY Top 5 moments of all time. Again, these are my favorite moments. Not a fan vote. Not a WWE list. Those lists all wind up the same; the DX Invasion, Stone Cold stuns McMahon, blah blah blah. Those moments are classics but they’ve been replayed so much they’ve lost some of their luster. These are moments that have always stood at to me. Whether it was the crowd reaction, an incredible promo, or a surprise return leading into January 22 I’m going to countdown my Top 5 Raw moments of all time. Here’s number 5…

There aren’t very many occasions where a 19 minute promo is a good thing. This, this is more than a good thing, this is a great thing. An amazing thing!!! This is a weird WWE time period. I was at ARCO Arena on the 4th of July in 2005 when Shawn Michaels super kicked Hulk Hogan to start a mini-heel turn that would last through their match at Summer Slam. This moment here was the highlight for me.

It was Shawn Michael’s return to Montreal, the site of the infamous Bret Hart “Montreal Screwjob”. He knew going in he would be hated, he knew he would be booed, and man he played this crowd like a fiddle. They reacted to everything he did, everything he said, and everything he made them believe was going to happen. I debated putting this higher on my list but I settled in on 5 as all of them are really close. Incredible mic work by the Heartbreak Kid.

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