Episode 15 – Be Conscious: Sam Sinyangwe – Mapping Police Violence

On the latest edition of Be Conscious, Damien Barling opens the show by answering some questions that have come his way over the last week pertaining to Colin Kaepernick and Nike, the racism surrounding Serena Williams following the US Open, and the passing of Mac Miller. One of the founders of Mapping Police Violence and co-host of Pod Save The People, Samuel Sinyangwe joins Damien to discuss the challenges of tracking police violence and what his research says about the relationship between police and black communities. The two also discuss how California, and specifically Sacramento, are behind other states and cities that have started to implement police reform. There’s a lot of data in this conversation and the two wrap up with a discussion about the situation in Dallas with Botham Shem Jeam being murdered in his home by an off duty police officer who claims she thought she was in her home and facing an intruder.

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