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J.Ross: Enjoy The Madness

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

A lot of you by now are starting to do your research on potential upsets for this week’s beginning of the college basketball tournament.  Why start now?  Most of you didn’t watch a lot of college basketball this year and now will attempt to convince your office mates that you have the right picks this year.  I will watch every college hoops breakdown show, and read as much as I can about the tournament but in the end it is all a guessing game.

The tournament is so much fun to me.  I can guarantee you that we will have upsets, buzzer beaters, familiar coaches advancing, potential lottery picks shining, and plenty of people with their brackets busted early.  This tournament features absolutely everything.  My philosophy has always been to root for things in this order:  root for your favorite school first and foremost, then cheer on upsets, and follow that up with your brackets.  I think upsets make this tournament and the excitement of all the one game playoffs means that anything can happen.

Expect the unexpected and enjoy the tournament to its fullest.  The first two days are my absolute favorite.  As the field gets trimmed down the games may get better but I really enjoy just the volume of games the first two days.  I am glad it’s here and I hope you are too.  Enjoy the madness and Go Bruins.

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