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CD: Who Do You Want To Draft? The Latest Poll Is Up

My twitter feed is super scientific. Not really, but a lot of Kings fans follow me and there has been a lot of back and forth with my latest update on who the public’s choice is for the Kings to draft come Thursday. The poll will be active until Monday …

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CD: This Draft Is Getting Ridiculous

The NBA draft is Thursday. Thank GOD. I, like most Kings fans, am scrolling and reading EVERYTHING. Scouting reports, rumors, tea leaves, tarot cards, 20 sided die, you name it. But this might be going to far: UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: We now have THREE uses of Vivek’s famed 🤙 …

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CD: The World Cup Announcers Are Awesome

SOCHI, RUSSIA - JUNE 09: General view of Sochi prior to the start of the FIFA 2018 World Cup on June 9, 2018 in Sochi, Russia

Whether or not you like soccer, if you don’t love the goal calls from the announcers (especially the Latin ones), you need to check your pulse because you’re probably dead. There’s really no American equivalent. Sure there are phenomenal calls from US sports, and sure some may say much of …

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A Destination or Not; The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie – 6/15

Grant kicks of the Friday edition of the show with a resounding NO... on the reports on Kawhi Leonard coming to the Kings! Grant feels there is no way even though the Kings are interested in Leonard that he would sign an extension to stay in Sacramento even if he was traded to Sacramento. Also hear Grant answer a ton of questions from the listeners regarding the latest rumors and upcoming draft!

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