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Be Conscious: Background to History

The events of the 60’s served as a background for one of the most historic and iconic moments in sports history. With the 50th anniversary of Tommie Smith and John Carlos victory stand demonstration happening this week, Damien Barling lays out what will be a unique week for the Be …

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Zebras Can’t Fight – The Drive – 10/12

Carmichael Dave and Kyle discuss the Kings Jazz preseason game, and look ahead at Brewers Dodgers, and NFL Week 6 games with a dive into the Raiders Seahawks game. They chat about NFL QB play with Sean Salisbury, and fantasy football with Dave Richard.

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Young Old Guys – The Drive – 10/10

Hour 1 Segment 1: Carmichael Dave and Kyle talk about Dave’s miniature family reunion. Segment 2: Morning Brew! Jimmy Butler wreaks havoc at Timberwolves practice. The Kings and Jazz face off in preseason. Eagles-Giants kick off Week 6 of the NFL season. Segment 3: Dave gives a history lesson about Nazis and sneakers. …

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