Giles Ahead – The Drive – 7/11

Hour 1

Segment 1: Carmichael Dave gives an uneducated weather update from Las Vegas.

Segment 2: Morning Brew looks at Kings Summer League action, the expansion of the California Classic, and Jed Lowrie’s All-Star nod.

Segment 3: We’ve got sound from Harry Giles’ media scrum after the Kings’ latest Summer League contest.

Segment 4: Dave and Kyle discuss the Drive Question of the Day about whether it’s okay to wear your team’s gear to a game they’re not playing in.

Hour 2

Segment 1: The guys chat about all the off-field issues in the NFL this offseason.

Segment 2: Dave answers questions about Justin Jackson’s Summer League performance, NFL off-field issues and his favorite Summer League memories.

Segment 3: Dave and Kyle make some ridiculous puns with Harry Giles’ name, and we hear from Giles again.

Hour 3

Segment 1: Sacramento Kings assistant coach Jason March joins the show for an update on the team’s progress through Summer League.

Segment 2: Dave and Kyle debate the Indians’ blunder with their relief pitchers and how they could’ve avoided the problem.

Segment 3: Clarification on the rules of the Indians’ bullpen mistake, and Dave’s final sendoff from Vegas.

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