(Photo by Rob Tringali /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)

WATCH: WWE’s Elias and Kevin Owens Get Relentlessly Boo’d in Seattle After Sonics Jab

Last night, on WWE’s weekly show Monday Night Raw, Elias and Kevin Owens took to the ring for a concert-like promo that typically results in the two heels (bad guys) insulting the city that they are performing in. True to form, Elias made a comment about the city of Seattle not having an NBA team, and it sparked a massive reaction from the Sonics-loving crowd.

In his time as a WWE top-star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a master of crowd control and reaction with his Rock Concerts, a very similar setup to what Elias commonly does. In Sacramento, amidst a very raw rivalry between the Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers, The Rock received this reception for his Lakers line.

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