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Yes, The Lakers Are Still The Worst….

With the signing of Lebron James, and now the Warriors signing Demarcus Cousins, there seems to be some confusion as to which team you would want to advance to the Finals (provided they were playing each other in the Western Conference Finals).

I never thought I’d see the day when Kings fans openly said they’d pull for the Lakers, in any circumstance. But here we are. Now, to be clear- a twitter poll I put out had over 7 out of 10 fans saying they’d rather the Warriors than the Lakers, but that still leaves 3 fans out of 10. And with almost 3,000 respondents, that’s a lot of peeps.

Granted, some of those responding probably weren’t Kings fans, but it still forced me to post this:


Just remember, the Lakers will ALWAYS be the evil empire.

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