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JRoss: 50 in 50, the Greatest Athletes of the last 50 Years

(Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)

All this week on The Lo-Down, Damien and I are revealing our 50 greatest athletes of the last 50 years. The idea came during a discussion about the old Sports Century countdown that ESPN had. These lists our are own with no scientific work behind them. Strictly preference. Here’s athletes 50-41 as revealed on the Monday edition of the Lo-Down.

40-31: Tuesday

30-21: Wednesday

20-11: Thursday

10-1: Friday


50. Karch Kiraly

49. OJ Simpson

48. Nolan Ryan

47. Rafael Nadal

46. Martina Navratalova

45. Deion Sanders

44. Hakeen Olajuwon

43. Pete Rose

42. Katie Ledecky

41. Edwin Moses