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Is It Ok To Believe?

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The Kings have won 9 of 13.

They also have 3 very winnable matchups in their next 4, which would put them on a 12-5 tear. Add in that they’re just 4 games out of the playoffs, and there’s real reason to be excited.

Or is there?

Seems like anytime Kings fans begin to believe, the team/franchise/management/mascot craps the bed. I get it- its the proverbial Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown. <em>That’s </em>what we’ve been dealing with.

But dammit- if we’re going to be uber-pissed at the failings, shouldn’t we also be allowed to roll with the bright spots? We don’t ask for much- at this point .500 would make for an ecstatic fanbase, and that’s saying quite a bit about our lowered expectations.

Maybe just maybe we can enjoy the wins for now, without it devolving into a civil war about Luka or Harry’s option or Luke not yelling enough or Vlade or whatever. There’s so little to be happy about with this team over the last decade and a half, maybe we should learn to appreciate the few times we actually have reason to smile.

I know: NAH. I see you Sactown Royalty commenters.

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