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Carmichael Dave and Jason Ross Discover The Real Competition Going On In the Oakland A’s Clubhouse

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Ramon Laureano and Khris Davis are the ultimate competitors on the diamond, but that is nothing compared to the real battle happening off the field.  Ramon Laureano is calculated.  He approaches his at bats fully prepared after hours of film study.  In the field he gauges runners speed so he can unleash his cannon of an arm to incinerate runners on the base paths. 

Meanwhile Khris Davis does his talking with his bat.  He just absolutely crushes the baseball.  Home runs leave the park on a regular basis as one of the most feared big bats in the Major Leagues.  Davis normally doesn’t like to talk because he doesn’t find the repetition of baseball interviews to be that interesting.  Two different players, with two different styles but teammates that get it done.

Insert the competitive drive, the talent, and the will to win and switch baseball with video games.  Yes, video games.  Here is what Dave and Jason learned when these two only wanted to talk about their skills on the screen and their ultimate competition amongst each other.  Enjoy