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Kings and Nets: The Game That Didn’t Happen

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

During this unprecedented time without sports, our imaginations have gotten the best of us.  Last night, the Sacramento Kings were supposed to have played the Brooklyn Nets at Golden 1 Center.  This game did not happen, and for that matter we don’t know when the next game will happen.  So here goes nothing.  This is what I imagined happened.  Enjoy.

Everything below here is FAKE NEWS (by Jason Ross)

The KINGS Utilize An Unexpected Source In Cutting Down The Nets

The Sacramento Kings chase for the postseason continued last night at the Golden 1 Center.  The Kings have used luck and now all of their weapons to find ways to win.  On Wednesday the Kings had luck on their side when rookie phenom Zion Williamson stole the ball in the closing seconds trailing by one but the rookie attempted a 360 between the legs dunk only to have the ball carom off the back of the rim and propel the Kings to victory.

Now lets fast forward to Sunday night when the Kings were in all sorts of trouble.  Sacramento dug themselves another 20 point deficit and had the look of a team ready for the proverbial letdown.  The big guys of the Nets were providing too much trouble for Sacramento’s talented trio of Giles, Len and Holmes.  When interviewed at halftime by Kayte Hunter, head coach Luke Walton said “I wish I had time to look at the tape but we just have to try something drastic.”

After Jarrett Allen scored the first two baskets of the third quarter to build the lead to 24, Luke Walton called a quick timeout and did the unthinkable.  Coach Walton went small, very small.  Walton inserted Yogi Ferrell into the lineup but not to score, the first year Kings coach’s mission was for Ferrell to guard any opposing Nets big man.  When asked after the game Yogi said, “I heard the Coach call my name and I was ready to contribute in any way possible.  I didn’t expect this but I had to do my job.”

Ferrell injected energy into the Kings defense.  He fronted the post, he played behind the bigs, he rattled everyone who thought they had an advantage.  His play sparked the Kings and sent the Golden 1 Center into a frenzy. 

The Kings rally started with defense but then the offense got cooking.  Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox led the way with 29 points despite going a franchise record 0-9 from the free throw line.  When asked about it after the game Fox said, “maybe I will just have to start shooting right handed”. 

The Kings outscored the Nets in the 2nd half by 26 points and rallied for yet another 20 point comeback this season.  As for Ferrell, most of his work was done on defense but he did step to the line late in the 4th to put the Nets away.  While at the line all 17,000 chanted “ M V P….. M V P”  Ferrell said it was an honor and his teammates gave him grief about it but on this night he truly was the Most Valuable Player.