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Dr. Richard Pan Joins “The Drive” To Discuss COVID-19

California State Senator Dr. Richard Pan joined The Drive this morning to discuss the COVID-19 outbreak and how the virus works

This morning on The Drive, Carmichael Dave and Jason Ross had an enlightening conversation with California State Senator Dr. Richard Pan about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that is currently infecting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Pan, who is also a pediatrician and graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University, joined the show to answer questions regarding the virus, as well as what you should avoid to ensure your safety.

“Well, about 80-percent of people who catch this virus will have very mild symptoms or not have any symptoms at all,” Pan said. “We do know that many people who have this disease do not have any symptoms but are still infectious and can spread this disease.”

Of what you can do to avoid contracting the disease, Pan had some tips.

“Try to avoid touching your face,” he said. “The most important thing we tell people is try to not touch your face with unwashed hands. That is the way you are more likely to transmit the virus. I know it’s really hard, a lot of times people do it without thinking about it, that’s why I tell people to frequently wash their hands.”

Pan goes on to answer concerns about how long the infection can last, if you can get the infection more than once, how long you are infectious and much more.

Check it out below or click on the YouTube video at the top of the post!

The interview with Dr. Pan begins at the 27:00 mark.