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LISTEN: Racing Legend Mario Andretti Joins The Grant Napear Show

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

This week, Grant and Doug had racing legend Mario Andretti on to discuss his career, current events and much more

The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie had one of the most prolific race-car drivers of all-time on the show this week when they had a conversation with Mario Andretti.

Andretti, 80, is the only driver in the history of racing to win the Indianapolis 500, Daytona 500 and Formula One World Championship.

The interview with Mario Andretti begins at the 19:33 mark

Moving to the United States in 1955 from Ancona, Italy with his family, Andretti had already begin honing his racing skills. Eventually, he would drive in seemingly every racing league that was present, winning every award that was there for the taking.

On his favorite type of car or engine to race with, Andretti shared his thoughts.

“It’s hard to just pick one car; the characteristic of the car that I enjoyed the most was open wheel, single-seaters. Sprint cars, Indy cars, Formula One, those are actually the thorough-breads of motorsports. Take nothing away from stock-cars, but the stock-car is a derivative of, say a family car, so to speak.”

“Single seater, open wheel is like a fighter jet. It’s only got one purpose, and you go. It’s like a laser to drive by comparison to anything else.”

Andretti shared his thoughts that he would have while driving in his races and how he kept his mind in the race one the course of those long hour events.

“It’s easy in a sense because it becomes natural. The speed itself, you’ll never fall asleep there, guarantee you. When you’re trying to maintain a certain pace, hit certain marks, it gets your attention.”

Listen to the full interview in by clicking “play” in the box at the top of the post.