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Sacramento Chief Of Police Daniel Hahn Joins The Drive


Daniel Hahn joined the show to share information on stay-at-home orders and other COVID-19 related updates

This morning on The Drive with Carmichael Dave and Jason Ross, Sacramento Chief of Police Daniel Hahn joined the guys on the air to enlighten the public on the new enforcement rules in our community.

Interview with Daniel Hahn begins at the 00:40 mark

Hahn, who was sworn in as police chief back in 2017, was nice enough to come onto the show and explain what the new rules mean, what we can do to help keep out community safe and much more.

On the new public safety enforcement rules on social distancing and essential activities, Hahn shed some light on what that means for us in our every day lives.

“When we see a violation or get called to a violation at a health officer’s order, our past practices have been to educate people. That has gone very well, but as we can see on Sunday, we had several very dangerous side shows in the county,” he said. “The other smaller problems we have been having is house parties with 50, 60, 70 people in them, in those instances in the future, very likely we will be–in addition to citing people for their violations–we will also be issuing violations of the public safety officer’s order, which comes with some significant penalties.”

As for those who have been gathering in groups at parks and other public places, Hahn answered the question of how those situations will be handled.

“In the parks, we are still going to take primarily an education role. We have been very successful in breaking those up,” he said. “For the most part, people in our community are doing great in this whole new way of operating.”

Over the course of the interview, Officer Hahn goes on to answer several questions that many of us in the general public have regarding the new public health safety orders.

Listen to the full interview at the top of this page simply by clicking “play”, or check out today’s entire episode of The Drive here.