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Dr. Richard Pan Joins “The Carmichael Dave Show” To Discuss COVID-19 Updates

California State Senator Dr. Richard Pan joined the show this morning to discuss updates on the COVID-19 outbreak

Friday morning on The Carmichael Dave Show, Dave and JayMarzz had a conversation with California State Senator Dr. Richard Pan about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that is currently infecting millions of people worldwide.

Interview with Dr. Pan begins at the 30:03 mark

Dr. Pan, who has been courteous enough to come on the air every Friday morning to enlighten the public of COVID-19 news and safety measures, was on The Drive this morning to share some updates and procedures that we can all take part in to stop the spreading of this vicious disease.

During the interview with Dr. Pan, the highly respected senator shares his thoughts on the why wearing masks is crucial in slowing the spread of the coronavirus, updates on how the search for a vaccine is going and much more.

With more cases being recorded each day, Dr. Pan also shed some light on how things have been going in the United States, our state of California and the Sacramento community over the past seven days. Dr. Pan also goes into depth on what we can do to prevent the spread while out in public and much more.

To find out what you can do to help combat the spread of COVID-19, check out the entire interview at the top of the post or listen to the entire episode of The Carmichael Dave Show right here.