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J. Ross: Local Little League Team Doing BIG Things

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

It seems so long ago that I played little league but the memories are some of my fondest.  I love baseball and back then, I couldn’t get enough.  We had good teams and I was a decent player but the dream of playing in the Little League World Series seemed like just that, a dream.  Now we need to fast forward to present times. We have a team in our area that is chasing that dream.

The Tri City Little League team of Rocklin has advanced to the Western Regional semi finals.  Last night in the majors it was No Cal beating So Cal with the A’s taking out the Dodgers, well the same thing happened here.  The Tri City team defeated Chula Vista of Southern California 7-5 to advance to face either Hawaii or Nevada on Thursday Night.

It is still going to take some work for the 12 year old all-stars from Rocklin to make it all the way to Pennsylvania to have a chance at the Little League World Series title but they have done amazing work already.  As a dreamer myself, I will continue to dream big for them and just know what has already been accomplished is truly incredible.