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When It Rains It Pours

(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

As a lifelong Giants fan, my two favorite teams are the Giants (of course), and whoever is playing the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In fact, for a minute there it looked like I was going to have to root for the ASTROS(!), and that’s disgusting in its own right.

Now that the Rays are in the World Series, life is easier when it comes to my rooting interests. But a thought occurred to me today, a deep bone chilling thought that scared me to the core:

There’s a decent chance that within a 30 day period I may have to deal with-

– The Dodgers winning the World Series
– The Lakers winning the NBA Finals

AND, an outcome I don’t want in the presidential election!


In fact, the World Series and election may end up happening within the SAME WEEK.

So, perhaps you are now instilled with the same fear I am. Of course it’s 2020, so naturally the worst case scenario is going to take place.

My question, and leave your answer in the comments below- what’s your worst double (or triple or quadruple) whammy involving sports? You can tie in a real life (election, job loss, etc) experience as well, but it has to be grounded in sports devastation.

Maybe we disagree on a lot of things, such is the way it is today. But one thing we can all agree on?