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Win, Lose, or… Tie Week 8

(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

Last week I made an AMAZING argument about why in some cases in the NFL it’s better to hold on to a tie than to risk a loss going for the win. I was wrong in my prediction of the Cowboys and the Washington Football Team ending in a tie. Very wrong! But we had a couple of close calls last Sunday.

The first game on Tie Watch on Sunday was the Steelers and the Titans. Steelers were up by three late in the game and then Titans Safety Amani Hooker intercepted Roethlisberger in the endzone. Titans got to the Steelers 28 with 19 seconds left and then…

If the Titans were able to take it to overtime and ended the game with a tie they would have remained undefeated and would have been tied with the Steelers for a possible Number One Seed in the AFC at the end of the season.

The second possible tie was Sunday Night Football. The Arizona Cardinals forced overtime after overcoming a 10 point deficit in the fourth quarter, and missed a field goal to win the game. All Russell Wilson had to do was not turnover the ball and sneak away with the tie.

With the loss to the Cardinals the Seahawks are no longer undefeated and also lose their 1 1/2 game lead over Arizona.

Looking forward to Week 8 the only game I see that can end in a tie is the Steelers and Ravens. Both of theses teams are on top of the AFC North, both have very good defenses, and both are looking to keep their playoff spots. But also keep your eyes on the Chargers Broncos because who knows what that game is going to turn into.