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Win, Lose, or… Tie Week 15

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

In our pursuit of looking for another tie this season in the NFL we still only have one from Week 3 between the Bengals and Eagles. There has almost been a tie each week, and Week 14 was not different. Monday Night had an insane matchup between the Ravens and Browns that almost ended with the tie that we all wanted.

The Browns messed up big time they were down seven points with 1:51 left on the clock, but scored a touchdown so quickly that they gave Lamar Jackson, who came back in the fourth quarter after suffering…uhhh…. cramps, with 1:04 and the best kicker in the league to win the game.

That was a game where the Browns could have really used a tie. If the game ended in a 42-42 draw the Browns would have still had a two game lead over the Ravens instead of one. Also, the Ravens hold the tie-breaker and face the Jaguars, Giants, and Bengals. The Ravens can run the table, possibly tie the Browns record, and overtake them in the playoffs.

Now, looking forward to Week 15 it’s tough to find a tie, but I’m going to try. Looking at these games I think the best chance at a tie is the Colts Texans game. Three weeks ago the Colts beat the Texans 26 to 20. But looking at the game the Texans were able to keep the Colts offense scoreless in the second half, The Colts only points came from a safety in the third quarter. Also, a tie would be helpful to the Colts which would allow them to keep the sixth seed in the AFC with a half game lead over the Ravens and Dolphins.