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Nick Saban’s Amazing Legacy

(Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

We are in a time where people are so quick to have the G.O.A.T conversation.

This player is the greatest of all time, that team is the greatest of all time, but where does Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban fall in the greatest coach of all time conversation?

Monday in Miami Nick Saban won his record seventh national championship. He won his first title in 2003 while coaching at LSU. His last six titles have all come at Alabama during a 14 year stretch. In fact since 2009, Saban and Alabama have won half of the BCS and college football national championships that were played. He got to the game a couple of other times and lost as well.

He is a winner, he has added to a storied program and they are relevant every single season. It is hard to find a down year at Alabama under Saban. He sends players to the NFL, he recruits well, some of his coaches move on and they succeed as well.

I still think the biggest testament to his career is the nature of football itself. On one day anything can happen. That anything for Alabama is usually a lot of wins cumulating in a trophy presentation with tons of confetti. Clemson, Notre Dame, LSU, Ohio State and many other strong programs have proven to be very good but the consistency of Alabama is remarkable. He has a juggernaut and as long as Saban is there they will always have a chance.

In my mind Nick Saban is the GOAT of college football and needs to be talked about as the greatest coach of all time in any sport.

While you debate that, Saban will go on and win the recruiting war, beat his rivals and compete for more national titles.