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What Is Your Big Card Regret?

News hit today that a 1952 stoops Mickey Mantle rookie card (picture) sold for a record $5.2 million.

I grew up listening to stories about Moms throwing out cards, cards now with tons of money being put in bicycle spokes, etc. 

But I didn’t live through the Mantle era. 

What really grabs me is that I collected cards as a kid. 95% were baseball, and Topps to boot, but I had a few basketball cards as well. 

A few months ago, my son and I took out my old cards, excited that we might find SOMETHING worth a bit of money. 


Basically the 80’s sucked for baseball cards. And when I see that I could’ve just simply stocked up on Michael Jordan fleer rookies (and didn’t), it kills me. 

Instead, I went after Gregg Jeffries, Kevin Maas, and Will Clark rookies. Tons of em. 

Now if I sold them all, they MIGHT pay for the case to hold a Jordan rook. 

Just to let it sink in, courtesy of Darren Rovell and Beckett, here’s what some of those cards were going for just 20 years ago (I probably have a couple Troy Glaus cards): 


My question for you: 

Who was your big “can’t miss” card?

Bonus if you have any “I traded a Jordan rookie for _____” when I was a kid stories. 

The agony, I tell ya.