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Who Is Your Sports Pardon?

(Photo by Jon Soohoo/Getty Images)

With all the Inaugural events from today, we thought we could have some fun without getting political.

The premise is this:

Much like a president, you’re given the power of the pardon, but just one (and it has to be in sports).

It can be an athlete, a play, an owner, a ref- whatever. But you only get one. In case you’re still a little confused, here were some of the nominees from this morning’s show (mostly from listeners):

Shoeless Joe
Pete Rose
Barry Bonds
The Maloofs (yeah right)
Rick Fox
Spencer Hawes
Dusty Baker (for pulling Ortiz)
The Gator (that ate Chubbs Peterson’s hand)
Steve Bartman
LeBron James (for the decision)

You get the idea.

So answer in the comments below, who would yours be? If we already got it above, say so (and tell us why).

As always, it may be used on the air.

Happy Pardoning!!