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What’s Your Victory Tradition?

After 10 years, I finally gave into my wife’s wish to get a new puppy.

As I’m a big believer in rescues, and we already have a dog, I was not a fan of bringing some untrained new designer dog into the house, but hey: Happy Wife get a dog or something like that. 

When the Kings opened up the season with a win, I felt like being silly. So I made a short video singing a made up song called “victory puppy”, all while holding the puppy (Gus) up with my non-filming hand. 
I have done this for all 7 wins the Kings have this year, including last night (he’s getting bigger). 

Pretty silly. 

But the best part? A guy in MEXICO along with his little girls have started sending back their own Victory Puppy videos, with a very similar looking dog to Gus (he barks in Spanish though, I presume). 

Now as happy as I am when the Kings win, I’m even happier to see these young ladies make awesome victory puppy videos, or as I call it- International Victory Puppy

So my question  for you: 
Do you have a victory ritual? I understand if it’s not after a regular season game, but for any sport: is there something you do after big wins? 

Let me know below.