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INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MARCH 30: The UCLA Bruins celebrate their win over the Michigan Wolverines in the Elite Eight round of the 2021 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament held at Lucas Oil Stadium on March 30, 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Brett Wilhelm/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)
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(Photo by Brett Wilhelm/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

One of the popular things you see on social media from people is this saying, “don’t tell me how to be a fan.”

I find that funny because usually that means that you just disagree with how that other person feels about your team. With that being said, I have found that since I have been involved in media for over 20 years you usually distance yourself from being a fan.

I always want the teams that I work for to win like the Sacramento Kings and Sacramento State Football but on the broadcast, I try to portray a professional tone and execute those broadcasts with complete fairness.

I have been a fan of UCLA football and basketball for as long as I can remember.

My parents both went to school there and I have been going to football and basketball games since I was 3 years old. The relationship runs deep. The passion is real. We realized as a family that this past November was the first time since the mid 1960’s that someone from our Ross Family was not at the USC/UCLA game. The only reason this streak was broken was because of COVID-19.

Now let’s take you to what is happening right now for the UCLA Bruins.

I wasn’t very thrilled when the Bruins were selected to play Michigan State in the first four. UCLA had lost their last four games and this seemed like a cruel setup for UCLA. Would they even be around for very long? It didn’t look like it early when they trailed Michigan State at the half. A strong close to the second half forced an extra five minutes. In OT the Bruins found a way to survive and advance.

Already a tournament win but most of the nation was just waiting for the field of 64. The Bruins were now there but BYU was waiting. Wins over the Cougars and a surprise match up with Abilene Christian then put the Bruins into the Sweet 16.

Waiting for them was the 2 seed Alabama Crimson Tide. UCLA gave up a late 3 pointer to the Tide and once again UCLA was going to overtime. UCLA played great in the extra five minutes to advance to the Elite 8. Top seed Michigan was next, and this was a slugfest. A defensive minded game, limited possessions, and a nail biter. UCLA held the Wolverines to an 0-8 finish in the final 4 minutes and dodged 3 looks from 3 for the win by Michigan.

Here we are now with an unlikely trip to the Final Four.

I could not be more excited for a team that I had very limited expectations from. This ride has been so much fun for me as a fan of the Bruins. I go through all the emotions in every game and have truly just enjoyed this. Of course, I want two more wins for one of the most improbable championships in history. Beating Gonzaga will be about as difficult as it comes.

I saw a comment on Twitter where someone said the best chance for UCLA to beat Gonzaga is to give them COVID.

Wow, cold blooded but maybe even true.

I want to thank this squad from UCLA for just letting me be that fan that I have always been deep down. I get stressed over the game, but I just appreciate what I am watching.

I know this is something special that can end Saturday. If they keep winning, I will love it, when they lose it will hurt but that to me is what it feels like when you care, when you have a passion, when you want something so much.

Thank you, UCLA, and GO BRUINS!!!!