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Kings GM Monte McNair Joins The Carmichael Dave Show With Jason Ross

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McNair joined the show to discuss Sacramento’s rough start to the season, explain his approach to the upcoming trade deadline & more

This week on The Carmichael Dave Show with Jason Ross, Sacramento Kings general manager Monte McNair joined the guys on the air to discuss the team’s disappointing start, explain why he hasn’t made a trade yet and share his thoughts on rebuilding.

“I look at the roster, and we have a number of very good players,” McNair said of the Kings roster on Friday morning. “Guys who I believe can certainly be a part of a good team and a future here in Sac, but I also have to acknowledge that the results aren’t there. We’re frustrated with that. We’ll do whatever it takes to get those results and get this place back to a winning franchise.”

Rumors have been swirling regarding potential deals involving franchise guard De’Aaron Fox and impressive second-year guard Tyrese Haliburton. When asked if every player on the team was available via trade, McNair reiterated that the front office is going to remain disciplined and ready for anything:

“We’ll do whatever it takes to win. However, we certainly have a very good number of players here that can be the solution here. We’re going to remain aggressive, but also disciplined. We can’t just make a trade to make a trade. That continues to be our mindset and when opportunity presents itself–and we are continuously looking for those–we will act.”

On the possibility of punting on this season and moving into a full-on rebuild, McNair stated that a rebuild is not happening for this tea.

“The playoffs remain the goal. We do not want to take a long road back to the playoffs. We do want to build a consistent winner here. We’re not going to make a rash move to try and go all-in on a one-year shot. We’re continuing to find that balance, but I don’t think at all that it’s in the cards at all to take some sort of big step back and take the long rebuild route. I don’t think that’s what we need.”

To listen to the entire interview with Sacramento Kings general manager Monte McNair, click the ‘play’ button on the audio file located at the top of the page.

You can find today’s full-episode of The Carmichael Dave Show with Jason Ross here.