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Are You Frustrated With the Kings’ Lack of Activity?

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

By Carmichael Dave

Tim Maxwell is a blogger for horrific Kings website, but let’s not hold that against him. Here is the (sort of) latest on the Kings’ cap situation:

As he added, you can take Chicago down that list, especially if they end up signing Jabari Parker (as is likely). Many of the restricted free agents you see below those figures (Capela and Smart especially) will HIGHLY LIKELY return to their same teams. The Kings are over 9 million below the salary floor, and fans have been vocal about what they should do with that money.

  1. Sign a free agent
  2. Take on bloated contract(s) for draft picks/young players
  3. Hold onto it for next season
  4. Be patient and wait for the deadline and/or a desperate team

All of these certainly have merit. The Kings, at least financially, are in the catbird seat right now. No other team can offer the cash they can. The question is- will the parlay that into a fine addition to the squad? Or will they settle for the pupu platter and overpay a giant question mark.

There is also the thought process that the Kings have a ton of youth right now, and signing an older player (or mediocre established player) could eat up valuable minutes from the kids. Even the most optimistic fan believes there is a better chance of Kareem leading the team in scoring next year than there is them making the playoffs. So logic would dictate adding a piece that will help NOW is less important than adding an asset that could help LATER.

I’ve said many times (as have many others, its not an original thought) that Vlade and co are on the hotseat this season. I admire the fact that they (apparently and so far) aren’t jumping the gun and trying to maximize quasi-meaningless wins by plucking veterans in exchange for on-floor youth development.

But at some point they have to do something.

Don’t they?

I’m curious how you feel. If you’re reading this on facebook, comment below. On twitter? Hit the reply button. Are you frustrated with the lack of action, or are you good with them being patient?