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Possible Free Agent Targets For The Sacramento Kings

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

As we are just about to wrap up the 2 week mark of the NBA Offseason the Sacramento Kings are still yet to sign any new players in free agency. With about $20 million in available cap space, here are some players the Kings can potentially target:

Marcus Smart (RFA) – Rumors had circulated last week that the Kings had interest in a potential signing of  Smart. Though the Kings are a little loaded with guards at the moment, Smart would instantly come in and be the teams best perimeter defender and could potentially spark  a shift in focus on the defensive end of the court. Smart does come with his set of issues however as he is a below average shooter, especially from range. Last season Smart averaged 10.2 points and 4.8 assists on 37% FG and 30% 3FG. Smart could spearhead in the team to take a more serious approach to defense…or he could get lost in a rotation of guards that are already tight for minutes.

Jabari Parker (RFA) – The former second pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, Jabari Parker, is an intriguing target for the Kings. On one hand many don’t believe Jabari can be a reliable wing defender and have many legitimate questions about his long-term health, on the other Parker is a talented and versitile offensive weapon that really never got a chance to show what he could do being the focal point of an offense,due to injury and the emergence of Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Clint Capela (RFA) – Clint Capela is someone who has been whispered to be a potential target of the Kings in the beginning of summer, photos of Capela hanging out with Kings guards Bogdan Bogdanovic and Buddy Hield in Belgrade for the Euro League Championships. Like Smart, Capela isn’t the greatest fit for the current Kings roster due to the log jam at his position, but Capela would add elite rim protection and rim running ability. Early reports are that Houston plans to match any offer for Capela, however there is no harm no foul in the Kings offering a contract and calling Houston’s bluff.

Dante Cunningham – This is the result of waiting too long to strike in free agency. Dante Cunningham is a solid NBA journeyman who may not give the Kings the franchise wing they are looking for, but could consistently give good minutes at both forward positions with decent stretch-four ability. Cunningham would definitely not be the solution at the Small Forward but could offer as a stop gap for the Kings to let Justin Jackson develop.

Corey Brewer – This is a low-risk, high-reward signing. Corey Brewer sat on the bench for a majority of last season with the Lakers (12.9 minutes in 54 games) before being bought out and picked up by the Oklahoma City Thunder where he had a massive spike in play (28.6 in 18 games/16 starts). Brewer is a journeyman as well, though is a little more established than Cunningham. Brewers isn’t as good of a shooter as Cunningham, but is an above average perimeter defender.