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We’ve Got A Series

(Getty Images)

Are you aware of the phrase, “a series doesn’t really start until the road team wins a game?”

Well, that doesn’t apply to this NBA Finals because it has four wins all by home teams and I can tell you this series has not only started but it will only get better.

This best of seven has turned into a best of three between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns after the Bucks win on Wednesday night.

After double-digit wins in the previous three games, game 4 was tied with 90 seconds to go. The Bucks would score the next 6 points and in the end win the game to even the series.

This was the best game of the series. It was played with intensity, big shots were made, Giannis had an INCREDIBLE block and once again the margin between these two teams is razor thin.

Who is the better team? What will happen next? How is Giannis really playing this well after the injury? Does Phoenix even need to win on the road? Will this go 7? Who will be the MVP?

The fact that we have played 4 games and we can’t answer the previous questions with certainty makes this a lot of fun.The only rooting interest I have is more basketball, so give me 7 games, give me overtime and let’s decide it at the buzzer.

Is that too much to ask?