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Whitey Gleason Joins The Jason Ross Show

For the first time in 10 years, Whitey Gleason’s voice has returned to the Sports 1140 KHTK airwaves.

This week on The Jason Ross Show, Gleason joined the show to talk all things sports, baseball card collecting and much more.

To listen to KHTK’s former “The Rise Guys” member on Wednesday’s show by clicking any of the ‘play’ buttons listed below.

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Hour 1

Jason and Whitey discuss their love of collecting baseball cards, try to figure out what is going wrong with the Oakland A’s the and wonder how in the world the San Francisco Giants keep on winning.

Hour 2

In the second hour of the show, Jason and Whitey talk quarterbacks in the NFL with a special “Either/Or” all about QB’s in the league. This includes teams in the NFL that have been consistently missing on quarterbacks in the first round over the past decade, as well as who could be the best QB of the future from this year’s NFL draft.

Hour 3

Jason and Whitey tackle the daily crossover question of the day given to them from The Carmichael Dave Show. Plus, Whitey gives his thoughts and opinions on the state of the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings.