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Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey Joins The Carmichael Dave Show

(USA Today)

If you felt an earthquake in the Sacramento area last Monday morning, it was the sound of countless Sacramento Kings fans simultaneously slamming their electronic devices after reading Bleacher Report’s re-draft of the 2017 NBA Draft class.

Andy Bailey, an NBA writer for Bleacher Report, published his re-draft that included a surprising–and to some, infuriating–update to the top-five of the draft order.

Kings guard De’Aaron Fox was selected fifth-overall in 2017 behind the likes of Lonzo Ball, Markelle Fultz and Josh Jackson. After a monster 2020-21 campaign that saw the 23-year-old average 25.2 points and 7.2 assists per game, it was easy to assume that Fox would climb most re-draft ladders and be selected higher than fifth.

Not in this re-draft.

Bailey selected Fox with the sixth pick, behind Jayson Tatum, Donovan Mitchell, Bam Adebayo, Lonzo Ball and John Collins.

A lot of Kings fans took notice of the Ball selection, noting that Fox has more than outplayed his old college rival guard since coming into the NBA.

Bailey joined The Carmichael Dave Show with JayMarzz on Monday morning to explain his reasoning behind the selection:

“I will readily admit that if I were to do Fox and Ball right now, their last couple of seasons or even their who careers, Fox would almost certainly win,” Bailey said on Monday. “But I would guess the only advantages for Ball are rebounding and the net rating swing.”

“Lonzo Ball, I like that fact that he is six-foot-six. He can guard positions one through three. I think Fox has better assist numbers but I think that Lonzo Ball is a better passer, he has better vision.”

Bailey, Dave and Jay go on to thoroughly discuss and breakdown the Ball vs Fox debate, dive into the possibilities of the Kings trading for Philadelphia 76ers All-Star guard Ben Simmons and much more.

To hear the full interview with Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey, click the ‘play’ button on the audio file that is located within this story.

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