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The Week Of; The Grant Napear show with Doug Christie – 6/18

(Photo by Oscar Gonzalez/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Hour 1

The Week of the NBA Draft kicks off on the same note as it did last week with the fellas talking who the Kings will take with the number two pick in the draft. Hear Doug and Grant discuss the latest news around Michael Porter Jr and his interview today on ESPN and why Grant feels there is just some sneaky going on from the Porter JR camp entering the draft.

Hour 2

The draft talk continues with tons of listeners chiming in to detail their plans on what the Kings should do, even considering trading the pick for veteran players and more draft picks.

Hour 3

Jon Rothstein of CBS jumps on the show to take a swing at what the Kings will try and do on Thursday. Hear Jon talk about all of the top draft picks in consideration for the Kings at number two and give his thoughts on what the Kings should do from his stand point. Plus the fellas continue to take calls on the Kings upcoming move on Thursday.

Hour 4

The fellas continue to receive and entertain calls from the listeners on the upcoming draft.