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Ronda Rousey Impresses in First WWE Singles Match

(Photo by: Mike Coppola/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank)

by Matt George – Sports 1140 KHTK Reporter

It was all about the women Sunday night at WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view. While the eight-man ladder match was technically the main event, the women’s ladder match and RAW’s Women’s Championship match stole the show.

In her first singles match in the WWE, only her 2nd match ever as part of the company, Ronda Rousy went toe to toe with RAW Women’s Champion Nia Jax. With still a lot to prove, even after Rousey’s WrestleMania debut in April, and a lot of fans questioning how successful she can be as a wrestler and performer, Ronda’s solid performance sparks a lot of excitement for her future.

The WWE approached this match the right way, however predictable. It was expected that Rousey was not going to win the match. The championship stage was intended to provide a polarizing platform for the future UFC hall-0f-famer to showcase what she can do on her own in the ring. WWE creative just had to find a way to successful continue to build her while not burying her with the loss.

Nia Jax was the perfect partner for Rousey in her singles debut. It opened the door to a believable storyline where Ronda could show off her ability to sell a move and a match, a major step in becoming a top performer. Jax, with a distinct height and weight advantage, could easily throw and slam Rousey around the ring, putting Ronda’s ring presence to the test. And she excelled.

While Ronda didn’t always take every bump perfectly, falling hard on her back rather than using her arms to brace herself, her facial expressions and movements made her appeared pain and struggle believable. She allowed Jax to control the match without obviously ragdolling, and smoothly worked her way through the sections of the bout.

Her few offensive moves were believable, including her impressive judo throw and a beautifully executed running knee. She even gave fans a glimpse into her development of an offensive wrestling move-set, climbing to the top rope for a high-impact frog splash. Before Rousey’s offensive burst broke the barriers of being believable, Alexa Bliss, who won the women’s ladder match earlier in the evening, caused a disqualification by attacking Ronda, removing her from the fray, and successfully cashing in on Jax.

Ultimately, both the fans and the WWE got what they wanted; a successful and entertaining singles match leaving the masses wanting more of Ronda Rousey. The spotlight now returns to a Jax/Bliss feud while Ronda can continue to grow and prepare for her next match, which is scheduled for the WWE Super Showdown in Australia.

Thanks to WWE’s careful storytelling, Rousey continues to be an exciting and polarizing prospect. Her growth from WrestleMania to Sunday is clear to see and it’s exciting to imagine her next major leap as she continues to develop. With patience, and the right amount of television appearances, Ronda should be able to sustain fan interest long enough for her to become a true WWE competitor.