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Playoff Talk; The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie – 4/16

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Hour 1

On the Monday edition of The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie, the boys open up talking NBA playoffs over the weekend. Grant wants to know if the Cavs or Trailblazers should be worried more at the moment and breakdown the Spurs issues entering game 2. Also, USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt joins the show to give some insight on all the playoff series and news around the league.

Hour 2

NBA playoff excites Doug and he talks elements of the Cavs vs Pacers, gives his opinion on what the Pelicans have the advantage over Portland in their series, as well as the boys talk young teams and how they compare to the Kings roster at the moment.

Hour 3

NBC’s Seth Everett joined Grant and Doug on the Monday edition of the show. Seth speaks about when he really starts to pay attention to the standings and if teams look to be heading into the right direction. he talk about why he thinks the Giants are in trouble in the NL West, why he thinks the Astros are head and shoulders above the rest in the AL and why he feels Mike Trout is the best player in the league.

Hour 4

In hour four, Grant and Doug talk travel in the world of sports and beyond. Hear Grant give tips on the best airlines to book when traveling the world. Plus, the fellas go back and forth on soccer sponsors, who has the best rivalry and what game the show should travel to watch a game.