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CD: “Iman” the Shumpert Bandwagon

The Kings  have a ton of kids on the roster. Last year it was guys like Kosta Koufos, Zach Randolph, and Vince Carter lending sage veteran advice.

This year, while Koufos and Randolph are still on the roster, Iman Shumpert has taken the torch and run with it. But in order to have an effect on the youngsters, they have to respect you- both on and off the court.

Not only has Shumpert backed it up with his much better than expected performances, he’s also made it a point to embrace the community (‘purple talk’ is often his social media hashtag), and last night- embrace accountability.

After a 1 point loss in Oakland to the Warriors, Shumpert tweeted this out:

He was the passer on the inbounds play the Kings  tried to run with .3 seconds on the clock, and it was tipped by the defender to end the game. No one that I saw was upset with him, not even in the often-upset world of twitter. But that didn’t matter to Shumpert, he made sure everyone knew that in his opinion, he didn’t do his job.

Accountability: that’s veteran leadership right there.