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J.ROSS: Kings at the Halfway Point

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

This NBA season is going by quickly.  Thursday the Kings played their 41st game which means they have reached the halfway point.  With a record of (13-28) they find themselves alone in last in the Western Conference.  That is a little misleading because they just got there.  A mild stretch of good basketball and they could jump to 11th in the West but this certainly doesn’t have the look of a playoff team at all.  In fact the playoffs have been far removed for this organization.  The Kings last saw the 2nd season back in 2005-2006.  You have to go one more year behind that to find the last time the Kings had a winning record at the halfway point.  In the 2004-2005 season the Kings were (28-13) after 41 games, every year since they have been well below .500.

  • 2017-18    (13-28)
  • 2016-17    (16-25)
  • 2015-16    (18-23)
  • 2014-15    (16-25)
  • 2013-14    (15-26)
  • 2012-13    (16-25)
  • 2011-12     (14-27)
  • 2010-11     (9-32)
  • 2009-10   (15-26)
  • 2008-09   (10-31)
  • 2007-08   (18-23)
  • 2006-07   (17-24)
  • 2005-06   (17-24)

So this isn’t unfamiliar territory but it still is a bit painful for a fan base that has waited a long time to return to glory.  As far as how this team looks at this point, there has been good and bad so far.

Most Surprising Player

I think it has been Bogdan Bogdanovic.  Bogi has really started to find his groove.  He is really settling into the NBA and his feel for the game is very noticeable.  Coach Joerger likes to call him a playmaker that can shoot and I think that is a very good description.  His years of professional experience over-seas is showing now in the NBA.

Best Player

This is a tough call between Zach Randolph and Willie Cauley-Stein.  Z.Bo has done some really good things for the bulk of the first half of the season for the Kings.  He has hit a little bit of a rut lately but the team has relied on him quite a bit.  Willie is rounding into form as a consistent player that provides a lot for the team.  He defends, rebounds, scores and is very versatile.

Best Thing About Kings

This may not be a popular answer for some but to me it is the journey.  This has been as up and down a season as I can remember.  You have to enjoy the ride with all the good and bad.  I have loved the great wins against teams like the Warriors and Cavs and been frustrated by the blowout losses to lesser teams.   I think they are set up better for the future with cap space and some young players but it is paramount for them to develop and for the Kings to get future moves right.

Best Moment

I have several already from this season.  I loved the road win at Oracle when Bogdanovic hit the game winner over Draymond Green.  De’Aaron Fox with the game winner against Philly was great too.  Vince Carter turning back the clock against the Cavs and that home win was very special.  Hopefully the best moment is still to come this season.

The season goes so quickly and here’s hoping that the next 41 is better for the team and that each individual shows improvement.