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J.ROSS: A Title Is On The Line Tonight In Sacramento

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

The Sacramento Kings can get an elusive title tonight when they host the Los Angeles Clippers.  An NBA Championship isn’t on the line tonight but the linear championship is.  If you are asking what the heck is the linear championship, then shame on you.  First of all, do yourself a favor and start listening to the Lo-Down from 12-3 Monday through Friday on Sports 1140 KHTK.  The Lo-Down regulars know how HUGE this day is.

For those of you that don’t, let me take one last time to explain the linear championship and the origin of the “bit”.  After the Kings beat the Warriors at Oracle earlier in the season we had someone suggest that since the Kings beat the champs, so they were now the champs.  Good thought but if we are doing it that way, we have to do it correctly.  So follow this premise and the linear championship trail.  The Golden State Warriors were the NBA champions from last season.  So they started the year with the title.  Opening night they lost at home to the Houston Rockets and so the Rockets then became the linear champ.  Ironically the very next night Houston was in Sacramento for the Kings season opener.  We didn’t know it at the time but the Kings were playing for the title in their season opening game.  Tonight will actually mark the 3rd time this season that the Kings have a chance at the title.

So as we follow the trail all season long, it has taken a wide ranging course.  So again to recap it started with the Warriors, then Houston took it over quickly.  The rest of October it jumped to Memphis, Dallas, Memphis again, and then ended October with Charlotte.  November began and the Spurs ripped it out of the hands of the Hornets.  Then it was Milwaukee’s turn, to Dallas again, Boston, Miami and then Cleveland.  The Kings played in Cleveland on December 6th with their 2nd chance of the year to take the linear championship.  A great game, a close call, but no title.  The Cavs hung on to it for one more game and then lost to the Pacers.  Indiana moved it to OKC, then the Knicks had it, Charlotte again, it went north to Toronto and then the Mavericks got it for the 3rd time.  Yes, Dallas has had the linear championship three times this season.  Dallas lost to the Warriors and Golden State had it until last night.

The Warriors home loss to the Clippers has not only given the Clippers the title but given the Kings a chance.  Tonight the Kings host the Clippers. They also play in Los Angles against the same Clippers on Saturday.  Two chances are their first linear championship.  What does this all mean?  EVERYTHING.  It is something we have had fun with and hopefully the Kings can get the job done tonight and hang on to it for a few games.  Either way, enjoy following the trail and enjoy the shot at a championship.