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Episode 21 – Be Conscious: Carron J Phillips – Dak Prescott is George Foreman

Boxing: 1968 Summer Olympics: Closeup of USA George Foreman victorious with USA flag after winning Heavyweight Finals vs Soviet Union Ionas Chepulis at Arena Mexico.

The show opens with Damien Barling sharing his thoughts on meeting Tommie Smith, John Carlos, and Dr Harry Edwards at an Athlete and Activism panel at San Jose St and shares the details of his conversation with Dr Edwards and what he had to say about the NFL’s Players Coalition. 

We wrap up our week long look at sports and politics in the 60’s with New York Daily News columnist Carron J Phillips. Back for his second visit, Carron and Damien discuss the impact of Muhammad Ali, his refusal to join the US Army and how that influenced athletes then, and how that moment influences athletes now. The two also discuss Smith, Carlos and how George Foreman was believed to be some sort of counter to their protest at the 1968 games. Also discussed is who would the modern day George Foreman be, and who in the sports world today fits “I’m not black, I’m OJ” Simpson. 




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