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Let’s Do It; The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie – 10/15

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Hour 1

Grant and Doug kick off a new week with Oakland Raiders talk and how bad they looked in London taking on the Seahawks. Listen as the fellas talk what’s wrong wit the offense, if Derek Carr is to blame or the scheme or maybe the offensive line and Grant throws out a thought of the team tanking once they traded Khalil Mack.

Hour 2

SI’s National NFL Reporter Greg Bishop joined the show in hour two to talk the latest news and notes around a busy Monday in the NFL. Hear Greg talk about the Dallas Cowboys play yesterday and if they still have a shot to win the division, why he thinks the Vikings are trending upwards and why he thinks the Rams will float into the playoffs and probably host all the NFC playoff games.

Hour 3

Senior NBA Writer Howard Beck jumped on the show to preview the upcoming season. Hear Howard talk about the Pelicans and why he thinks they still will make the playoffs, why he will be very surprised to see DeMarcus Cousins be at full ability this season for the Warriors, as well as what he thinks is going to happen in Minnesota as the season progresses.