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Be Conscious: Background to History

At a meeting of the Negro Industrial and Economic Union organized by football great Jim Brown, a group of top African American athletes from different sporting disciplines gathered to give support and hear the boxer Muhammad Ali give his reasons for rejecting the draft during the Vietnam War, Cleveland, June 4, 1967. Left to right, basketball player Bill Russell, boxing champ Muhammad Ali, and basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar. (Photo by Robert Abbott Sengstacke/Getty Images)

The events of the 60’s served as a background for one of the most historic and iconic moments in sports history. With the 50th anniversary of Tommie Smith and John Carlos victory stand demonstration happening this week, Damien Barling lays out what will be a unique week for the Be Conscious podcast. Understanding the impact of Tommie Smith and John Carlos requires one to understand the landscape of America. Specifically, black America. This episode acts as an introduction to a week of celebrating one of the most meaningful moments in sports history. 

This week on Be Conscious:

10/16 – David Steele: Sporting News, author of Silent Gesture with Tommie Smith 

10/18 – Carron J Phillips: New York Daily News, the impact of the 60s on sports and activism today. 




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