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Shut Up, Nick Saban – The Drive – 10/4

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Hour 1

Segment 1: Carmichael Dave and Kyle discuss their time as interns at KHTK, and popular breakfast foods.

Segment 2: Morning Brew! The A’s lose to the Yankees. The Kings take on the Lakers. The National League Division Series begin tonight.

Segment 3: The guys begin their postmortem on the Oakland A’s season.

Segment 4: Dave and Kyle chat about MLB payrolls and whether the rules need to change.

Hour 2

Segment 1: Dave and Kyle break down the photo of Vlade Divac’s whiteboard.

Segment 2: Four Down Territory! Do offensive schemes or offense-friendly rules have a bigger impact on the NFL’s offensive explosion? Colts-Patriots who ya got?

Segment 3: Dave and Kyle take a deep dive on the A’s season and what’s next for them.

Hour 3

Segment 1: The A’s conversation continues with Dave and Kyle fielding calls from A’s fans.

Segment 2: The guys chat more about the A’s future and their attendance issues as they relate to team success.

Segment 3: “Shut up, Nick Saban.” – Socrates