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Football Player Turns Touchdown Celebration Into Toilet Paper Endorsement

(Photo Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

During Week 3’s loss to Cleveland, New York Jets tailback, Isaiah Crowell ran into the end zone for the second touchdown of the game to give the Jets a 14–0 lead at the time.

For his touchdown celebration, he used the football to imitate wiping his butt, then tossed the ball into the stands.

Crowell was given a flag for the celebration… but he has managed to turn that moment into an endorsement deal, according to

Crowell is now the face of flushable wipes. He posted a photo on Instagram with him and his new favorite toilet paper, Dude Wipes.

The 25-year-old followed the post with the caption, “Thanks to @dudewipes I am now covered. Never leave home without them!”

Shout out to Dude Wipes for pouncing on a marketing opportunity. And hopefully now, Crowell will no longer use footballs to wipe.