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Woman’s Eye ‘Exploded’ After Being Hit With Golf Ball At The Ryder Cup [VIDEO]

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Getting hit with a stray golf ball is never a fun experience. However, one very unlucky fan at the Ryder Cup lost her eye after Brooks Koepka sent a ball into the crowd.

According to VT, Koepka’s drive on the sixth hole went off course, striking a woman in the eye. Now, 49-year-old Corine Remande can no longer use the damaged eye. She told reporters:

“It happened so fast, I didn’t feel any pain when I was hit. I didn’t feel like the ball had struck my eye and then I felt the blood start to pour. The scan on Friday confirmed a fracture of the right eye-socket and an explosion of the eyeball.”

Remande is now considering legal action against the tournament organizers, reports TMZ. She claims they “failed to properly warn and protect spectators from wild golf shots.” She also says the never made contact with her after the incident to see if she was okay, or gave a warning the ball was heading for the crowd. In return, a spokesperson for the Ryder Cup says someone yelled “fore” several times before the ball hit her.

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However, Remande is not angry with Brooks Koepka over the stray ball. After her injury, the golfer went to see if she was okay and reportedly gave her a signed glove, according to TMZ.

Remande also apparently tried downplaying her injury so Koepka would keep his focus on the game. When speaking to reporters after the event, Koepka said:

“It looked like it hurt. It’s hard to control a golf ball, especially for 300 yards, and a lot of times the fans are close to the fairway. You can yell ‘fore’ but it doesn’t matter from 300 yards, you can’t hear it… It doesn’t feel good, it really doesn’t. You feel terrible for them… You don’t want to hit anybody in the face, especially not a woman, and it’s not a good feeling.”

We wish Corine Remande the best with her recovery.

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