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The Mighty Ducks; The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie – 2/15

(Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

Hour 1

It’s All Star weekend in the NBA and Grant and Doug have taken off for the weekend so Matt George, Chuck T Hamilton and the Producer of the show Jay Johnson hop on the show and lead the reigns for four hours. In hour one hear the boys talk NBA All Star weekend, the Kings presence in the overall weekend, who they think will win some of the competitions and how much it has changed the last 10 to 20 years.

Hour 2

The President of the Oakland A’s Dave Kaval joined the show in hour three to discuss the newest extended radio deal between Sports 1140 and the Oakland A”s among other things. Hear Dave talk about how happy the organization is to have KHTK on board and what it means to the team, how excited they are to be able to move forward with the new ball park and some great things they have on tap this upcoming year. Plus the long time radio voice of the Sacramento Kings Gary ‘GMan” Gerould hopped on the show to preview the second half of the Kings.

Hour 3

In hour three the topic of if the Kings were to make the playoffs who would you want to see the team play? Hear a few teams become the main focus on who the fellas would love to see the Kings play for just pure excitement purposes compared to who they could most likely be competitive against.