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Nasty Rivalry; The Grant Napear Show With Doug Christie – 2/20

(Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)

Hour 1

It’s Duke vs UNC a little later in the day and the whole world is buzzing over the rivalry and what Zion Williamson may do on the big stage. Hear Grant and DC discuss the upcoming game and what they think will happen along with what rivalry may be the biggest in sports at the moment.

Hour 2

Does the math equate to the Kings making the playoffs comparing to the other team in contention, hear Doug and Grant discuss the teams next few games, talks the atmosphere of Duke vs UNC and slips in a few golf stories and tips for the listeners.

Hour 3

At the top of our three the boys breakdown the match up for the Kings coming up tomorrow vs the Warriors. How DeMarcus Cousins fits into the match up and what he brings to the table for the Warriors. Plus listeners continue to chime into the show and give their best rivalry thoughts.

Hour 4

In hour four big news drops as Duke’s Zion Williamson injuries his leg and the collective sports world pause to see how serious it may be. Listen as the fellas talk the ramifications of Zion being hurt at the moment, if it was to be serious what it would mean for him, Nike, the NBA and Duke moving forward.