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Nothing More Than 6; The Grant Napear show with Doug Christie – 3/5

(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

Hour 1 

Grant and Doug begin the show in hour one talking the Kings win over the Knicks last night, including why the team needs to play a little better to win a few of the more difficult games coming up in the next week. They also tackle a few new and notes around the NFL, the NFL combine and a few thoughts on the talks of Klyler Murray being drafted with the first overall pick.

Hour 2

The Athletic’s Sam Amick fresh off a tremendous travel day coming back from the east coast jumped on the show in hour two with the boys. Hear Sam talk about what it was like over the last few days at the Sloan Conference and who he had the opportunity to speak to, how he is covering the Celtics on their West Coast trip the next week and if he see’s any issue between DeMarcus Cousins and Andrew Bogut joining forces in Golden State.

Hour 3

The head coach of the Sacramento Kings Dave Joerger joined the fellas to talk about the upcoming road trip and what he would like to see the team accomplish on the road, how he feels harry Giles has played the last few games and what it’s like to be in the locker room right now due to all the excitement surrounding the team and maybe a shot to make the playoffs.