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Methods To Fill Out Your Bracket

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Chalk it up

This is possibly the most boring way to fill out a bracket but not a bad route to go. Just pick all the higher seeds all the way through. Duke, North Carolina, Virginia, and Gonzaga would be the final four with Duke winning it all as the overall number one seed.

Upsets galore

Upsets are what the NCAA tournament is all about. They add excitement and throw wrenches in brackets. Picking some upsets in the first round is a smart way to go as the tournament is never straight chalk. Choosing too many will likely kill your bracket but it does add more excitement when that 15 seed is up three with two minutes left against the two seed and you picked the former.

Best player

There is plenty of talent in the NCAA tournament this season. Talent can take a team far into the tournament, especially if a team has that one superstar player. If going by the best player, the pick would be Duke behind Zion Williamson.

Flipping a coin

Have no confidence in your ability to make picks? Just flip a coin to decide every game in the tournament. It’s a good way to randomize your bracket and who knows, maybe it’ll be so random, it’ll be perfect.

Who would win in a hypothetical fight between the school mascots?

This is by far the best way to pick a bracket. North Carolina takes on Iona in their second round game. North Carolina will most likely run through the 16-seeded Gaels. But what if the game was decided in a fight between a gael (a person of Irish-Gaelic descent) or a tar heel (just the nickname of the state of North Carolina), then maybe things are different.