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It’s (Almost) Over, Again – The Drive – 6/13

(Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Hour 1

Segment 1: Dave spent last night in the ER.

Segment 2: Morning Brew! Game 6 of the NBA Finals set for tonight. The Blues win the Stanley Cup. Kevin Durant undergoes an Achilles procedure.

Segment 3: Some Twitter guy calls in. To argue about clutch moments.

Segment 4: Segment 3 went super long so now this is a super short segment.

Hour 2

Segment 1: Are the Blues the most surprising champion of all-time?

Segment 2: Threefer Madness! Who’s your pick for the US Open this weekend? Who wins tonight – Warriors or Raptors? Would you trade for one year of Anthony Davis?

Segment 3: More news on Kevin Durant’s injury and who’s to blame.

Hour 3

Segment 1: Sam Amick of the Athletic talks Kevin Durant’s injury, Game 6 of the NBA Finals and Anthony Davis’ future.

Segment 2: Kyle is a 91 percent millennial.

Segment 3: See ya!