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  • Episode 24 – Be Conscious: Camara Williams – An Opportunity Stolen

    A special early holiday edition of Be Conscious. Camara Williams, an attorney in Florida, and guest columnist for the Orlando Sentinel, joins me to discuss the mid-terms in Florida, why Andrew Gillum lost and how big of a factor race was in the campaigns. We discuss the parallels between what happened in Florida, what happened […]
  • Episode 23 – Be Conscious: Richard Rothstein – Color Of Law

    On this weeks edition of Be Conscious, Damien Barling speaks with author and historian Richard Rothstein about his book The Color of Law. Mr Rothstein has researched the history of segregation with regards to housing and education. Theres many layers to this conversation, just as there to his book. The two discuss how segregated most […]
  • Episode 22: Be Conscious – Is Malcolm Jenkins a Sellout?

    What is The Player’s Coalition? What set off the pregame confrontation between Malcolm Jenkins and Eric Reid? Is Eric Reids assessment correct… Did Malcolm Jenkins sellout him and Colin Kaepernick? In this episode of Be Conscious, Damien Barling gives a detailed history as to what the Player’s Coalition is, how it started, and what it […]
  • Episode 21 – Be Conscious: Carron J Phillips – Dak Prescott is George Foreman

    The show opens with Damien Barling sharing his thoughts on meeting Tommie Smith, John Carlos, and Dr Harry Edwards at an Athlete and Activism panel at San Jose St and shares the details of his conversation with Dr Edwards and what he had to say about the NFL’s Players Coalition.  We wrap up our week […]
  • Episode 20: Be Conscious – David Steele: Silent Gesture

    October 16, 1968 marked one of the most historic and iconic events in sports history. After an epic 200 meter race, Tommie Smith took his place on top of the Olympic medal stand, followed by Peter Norman of Australia, and teammate John Carlos. With no shoes on their feet, beads around their neck, and black […]
  • Be Conscious: Background to History

    The events of the 60’s served as a background for one of the most historic and iconic moments in sports history. With the 50th anniversary of Tommie Smith and John Carlos victory stand demonstration happening this week, Damien Barling lays out what will be a unique week for the Be Conscious podcast. Understanding the impact […]
  • Episode 18 – Be Conscious: The College Dropout

    (WARNING: This podcast contains multiple clips of a Kanye West song that contains the f-word) There’s a lot to cover in this weeks edition of Be Conscious. Damien Barling the conversation by applauding the Carolina Panthers and the signing of Eric Reid. You’ll hear Eric Reid’s comments about why signing with an NFL team won’t […]
  • Be Conscious: The Fact and Fiction of What Happened to Botham Jean

    On the night of Sept 6, 2018, Botham Jean was sitting in his apartment in Dallas when an off duty police office, Amber Guyger, opened his door, fired her weapon, and killed him. The story of what happened that night has been told, changed, retold, then changed again. In addition to the changing story we’ve […]
  • Episode 16 – Be Conscious: How Did We Get Here?

    On this edition of Be Conscious, Damien Barling discusses how personalized programming has effected our ability to think independently. How right and wrong has been reduced to Democrat and Republican and black and white. Damien uses examples such as the Black Lives Matter protest that occurred in Sacramento and how Sheriff Scott Jones attempted to […]
  • Episode 15 – Be Conscious: Sam Sinyangwe – Mapping Police Violence

    On the latest edition of Be Conscious, Damien Barling opens the show by answering some questions that have come his way over the last week pertaining to Colin Kaepernick and Nike, the racism surrounding Serena Williams following the US Open, and the passing of Mac Miller. One of the founders of Mapping Police Violence and […]